Enjoying My Easter Holiday in Scotland


I've just come back from a great Easter holiday in Scotland. On my way there, I stopped by Denmark for three-four days and visited my family there. Wonderful.

Once in Scotland, I visited my friends' drama rehearsal, something which really inspired me to pick up drama again. I've kind of let the whole theatre thing be since I moved to Germany and later Norway. I've always thought of a million reasons why I shouldn't or couldn't join a new drama group here in Oslo. However, when joining my friend's drama class, I was reminded how much I miss it and I got inspired to search up and join a new group. We'll see.

In Glasgow, my friends took me for a stroll along The Clyde in a direction I haven't been before. What a pleasant surprise to find that you can walk for hours a long the river with green parks on both sides!

We also went to the David Livingstone Centre and had a great walk along The Clyde to the Bothwell Castle . I was very surprised of the size and state of the castle ruins. It was huge for being a British castle and is apparently the best example of a medieval castle in Scotland. I can definitely recommend it!

My stay also included a trip to Edinburgh where I met up with some good, old mates. It was great visiting their homes, visiting my favourite vegetarian restaurant and going to numerous (four in one evening thank you very much) pubs and bars, meeting up with many of their friends. A very social evening it was indeed.

After Edinburgh, I went to Skelmorlie about an hour's drive outside Glasgow where we celebrated Easter with my friend's family. Wonderfully funny and friendly making me feel right at home :-) Of many things, we had a great walk from Skelmorlie to Largs; beautiful scenery and charming village life. Skipping stones on the beach of Skelmorlie was also great, they even had palm trees there!

British breakfast

As is almost inevitable, the trip also included a taste of the famous British breakfast at a local coffee shop. Apart from the baked beans, I enjoyed it ...

On Easter Day, I got up at 0500 to help creating a fire on the beach, where we would have the first service of the day, celebrating Jesus' resurrection. However, it was pouring down like crazy and we had to move the service to a different place (only a couple of hundred metres was necessary to get out of the rain!). After the service, we got sausage rolls before taking communion. Breakfast then followed before celebrating Easter once again, in the third service of the day.

While preparing for lunch that day, the sun decided to come out and greet us. It was wonderful. Marvellous. We ate outside and continued playing volleyball in the garden. The feeling of the warming sun after four months of cold winter was indescribable. Glorious!

Apart from these things, the week in my third home country consisted of lots of normal, great things like drinking good coffee, shopping at Sainsbury's, reading local newspapers, watching films and just, hanging out with my friends (and their friends). Excellent stuff.