Skiing Across Sunny Mountains

people over the mountain

I've just eaten my breakfast, getting my self back together after yesterday's amazing experience. Together with 15 000 cross country ski enthusiasts, I joined the Birkebeinerrennet , 54 kilometres over the mountain from Rena to Lillehammer.

I had used wax tape to get a good grip yesterday, but it turned out to be an absolute disaster and I had to stop three times (!) to get the wax right. Until then, I relied more or less on my arms alone to climb the hills.

The waxing issue aside, and anyone who's done a bit of cross country skiing know how bad slippery skis can be, the day was absolutely amazing with sun from clear sky, thousands of cheery people along the tracks, encouraging us to soldier on. Some offered to wax hour skis, some wanted to give us their chocolate, others gave away their soft drinks or oranges. They all were a part of making this a very enjoying day!

The 54 kilometres left me completely knackered. Every inch of me, every muscle, every bone, was aching and just removing my boots seemed like a daunting undertaking. The feeling it left me though, finishing what I've been training and preparing for the last three months, is completely amazing. A wonderful, indescribable feeling of happiness and satisfaction fill me up and put a smile on my face.

And that marks the end of this ski season for me. I will not even touch my skis till the snow falls again next winter!